Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Written Word Wednesday *DRAGONS OF SPRING DAWNING*

Here we are on the final blog post regarding the wonderful Dragonlance Chronicle trilogy. DRAGONS OF SPRING DAWNING by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman is the culmination of the story and talk about a way to end it! It could not have been more perfect.
   In this book, Raistlin continues down his dark path, leaving his twin brother Caramon behind to clean up his mess. The elven princess Laurana leads an army of Solamnic knights. Unfortunately, Laurana is captured by the Dark Queen Takhisis -- Krynn's version of the devil -- and is held ransom. Takhisis wants Berem, the Everman, who is the key she needs to gain access to the world of Krynn. A rescue mission ensues and all of the characters reach a development destination at the end of the book -- all except Caramon, the poor sod.
   In order to fully understand what happens to Caramon, you would have to read the Legends trilogy, which is wholly another story involving Raistlin, a particular evil lich named Fistandantilus and Caramon.
   Again, whenever I feel a need to escape this reality, I run toward my Dragonlance world. It's wondrous. Call me a nerd, a geek, whatever. I enjoy high fantasy -- but only if it's Dragonlance or Ravenloft (that is a very different fantasy series) and I have even been known to play some D&D.
   This set of books was the first one (I say one because I have them all bound together in one REALLY BIG book) on my list. It has remained and will remain. Do yourself a favor and read it. You may not get anything out of it other than entertainment, but it will totally be worth it!
   All in all, 5 out of 5 stars.

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