Sunday, December 29, 2013


As an avid cooker, one thing that I can truly appreciate is a cutting board - a well functioning and aesthetically pleasing cutting board. My last cutting board - a wooden one - split in half. I now have a cheap, teeny-tiny plastic one. When I saw the cutting boards available on Granite Falls on Etsy, I fell in love. Hubby was saying that since the cutting boards are granite, they would dull my knives, but I have a sharpener for them. I love these boards! Functional and pretty! Just look at these boards!
   Owner Thomas Hurd has been making granite cutting boards for many years, after finding that scrap granite ends up in land fills. 
   "We asked ourselves what can be done with this 'scrap'", he said. "It came to us that this natural product could be crafted into useful products for the home."
   From start to finish, Hurd will create a cutting board in two days, but that is only in a perfect world. Family responsibility and general life occurrences pushes that time frame back one to two more days, making it a three to four day job. 
   While Hurd's favorite cutting board is the Starry Night, he does take custom orders. And you do not have to go with the standard square or rectangle. He does have circular ones and don't forget - you can customize!
   If you want a cutting board that makes a statement, I highly recommend them. I will definitely be buying one - because it's not plastic (better for the environment) and it won't break! (Sorry wood, but you've been replaced as my go-to cutting board material!)


  1. These are beautiful, but cutting on granite will dull your knives and ruin them. :( Might wanna research that. :D Too expensive to buy new knives!